About Me

My name is Jeremie.

I had the privilege of growing up on the island of Ibiza. I chose parents that were freedom seekers and lived their life with joy as a religion. Eternally grateful to have the possibility to always feel free and live according to my feelings, which led me to find myself on the path of life with the mineral kingdom and its crystals.

I have been experimenting with crystals and minerals for more than twenty years, expanding my crystalline experience to heal through sound and frequencies emitted by instruments such as quartz bowls, gongs, Tibetan bowls, shamanic instruments and a wonderful crystal lyre. I apply them in multiple fields of daily life to generate harmonious environments such as meditations, individual sessions, purification and activation of spaces through the rooting of crystals underground taking into account the sacred geometry to enhance the crystalline virtues.

I share my experience in circles of meditation and sound healing, individual and group sessions, healing retreats and ceremonies with master plants.

My experience today is based on the practice of inner peace, through non-dualism, known as Advaita Vedanta in the Oriental Culture and A Course in Miracles in the West.

With the crystalline instruments that I use and the power of their vibrations, I connect with my higher self and channel the message of Unity, Oneness. With a lot of confidence I am at the service of the Spirit and the manifestation of Life through each one of us, gently, in harmony and without effort.

We are all designed for a greater good to connect with our sacred heart where the Ego is diluted and we are one with everything that is, without judgment and completely innocent. With forgiveness as master tool to free us from guilty, the illusion of separation and the fear of death.

I want to share with you a unique experience using sound as a vehicle that brings us to our silent inner space where we can recognize our true nature as lovers, immortal and wise beings and heal ourselves.

I offer different kinds of meditations for group, retreats, villas, private events.

Sound Healing sessions and Healing Ceremonies all around the world.